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  • Feb. 16, 2010: We added the largest of S. cerevisae genetic interaction dataset composed of 1712 queries crossed to 3885 array strains using SGA(Synthetic Genetic Array) platform (PMID: 20093466;The genetic landscape of a cell. Constanzo et. al, Science 2010). Of 1712 queries, 1378 are deletion mutants of non-essential genes and 334 are essential gene alleles (214 temperature-sensitive and 120 DAmP alleles). We downloaded the raw dataset from : sgadata_costanzo2009_rawdata_updated.txt.gz
  • March 24, 2009: We added the compendium of haploinsufficient profiles for 51 different conditions (47 unique compounds) against ~ 4400 heterozygous deletion strains in S. pombe (not published)
  • March 24, 2009: We added the compendium of haploinsufficient profilings to assess the cellular effects of 78 compounds in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. (PMID 14718172; Discovering modes of action for therapeutic compounds using a genome-wide screen of yeast heterozygotes, Lum et al, Cell 2004)
  • March 24, 2009: We added the compendium of chemical-genetic profiles for 82 different conditions by screening them against the yeast haploid deletion collection. Included in this group are 75 synthetic compounds and natural products (PMID:16901791;Exploring the mode-of-action of bioactive compounds by chemical-genetic profiling in yeast, Parsons et al, Cell 2006)

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